ServiceNow Virtual Administration Service

Team2 provides the highest level of qualified ServiceNow developers to support your Service Revolution!

Virtual Administration Services

Managed Services – The CORE of our business NOT an after-thought

Team2 Virtual Administration Services have been built from the outset to provide cost effective 24x7 support. Most other ServiceNow “managed services” in the market are nothing more than over-priced blocks of time performed by project teams in their “spare time”. Team2 was built by leaders who have spent over a decade perfecting managed service delivery in a global environment.

Engagement Models – You Choose HOW to use Team2

EXTENSION of your team

TEAM2 can act in harmony with your firm and seamlessly assume administrative duties, and, since these activities are provided 24x7 you can also improve quality of life and get your nights and weekends back

ADVISORS to your team

Additionally, TEAM2’s experienced developers can provide guidance and direction on a variety of topics such as new features, modules, operational improvement, and more

COMPLETE ownership

Perhaps you have chosen to concentrate on core business needs and desire a partner that can own your ServiceNow environment entirely, TEAM2 will establish a cost effective integrated team, giving you peace of mind to concentrate on your core competency


Unique Services Model – Full Service Regardless the Size of Your Engagement

      Multi-tiered Delivery Model:  Team2 has established a multi-tiered delivery model which matches the task with the right skill level, we do not have senior staff perform routine tasks, nor ask first line administrators to perform complex tasks – this is how we deliver the best cost/benefit value in the industry while maintaining high quality delivery

      Formal “On-boarding”: Team2 transition specialists will analyze and document how your ServiceNow instance is configured and utilized, assuring our administrators can “hit the ground running”

      Flexibility: Our contracts are level of effort based allowing for a wide range of activities whether you require a small project, an upgrade, customizations, or routine task execution

      Predictability: Our goal is to “right size” your contract to meet on-going demands, should you require additional effort it will always be pre-approved and mutually agreed to, we bill less than 5% of our revenue in overages

      Custom Monitoring of 5 Selected Elements:  Team2 will work with you to identify your 5 critical parameters and provide 24x7 monitoring, alerting, and monthly reporting on these custom elements such as; open tickets for a key client, frequency of a custom script execution, requests from VIP users, or any ServiceNow related item that is important for your business need

New Android App!

Have you brought the new ServiceNow Android App to your ServiceNow-based Service Platform? Contact Us to explore how to expand your world of ticket-based process into a world-wide walking adventure!

Automating Governance?

Year-end compliance and governance struggles staring you in the face? Contact Team2 to discover a new way to automate ways of managing risk, compliance and event audits to streamline your life!

Helsinki is here!

The latest version of the ServiceNow platform is here and it has some fantastic new features to enable your service transformation. Check here to read about its new features and call us for more details on upgrading your service platform to the enable your service revolution!