The Team Service Method

Or - how to get a large team of talented people to be responsive to client demands, deliver 24x7 at manageable service pricing!


Effective systems are not about technology. They represent a well-constructed marriage of people, process and technological enablement. As we approach new challenges, our core team of experienced advisors work WITH you to envision new methods, further horizons and the path to your future


The core of Team2’s dramatic success, rock solid system implementation services allow us to deliver the basis of a system that will endure for decades and serve the vision that will change your future.


Most often confused and replaced with “Closure,” the realization phase of a project is where the true benefits are made permanent and “realized!” Team2 leverages innovative training and management methods to assure the value of each implementation.


Ongoing care and feeding are the lifeblood of an effective system. Team2 provides a highly trained team of Operators, Administrators and Developers to assure that our customers’ people are exceptionally serviced on a continual basis.


Often, Continuous Improvement is built into the system itself. Team2 works with your team to take the next steps of imagination, discovery and innovation to assure your system continues to provide world class strategic benefits.

New Android App!

Have you brought the new ServiceNow Android App to your ServiceNow-based Service Platform? Contact Us to explore how to expand your world of ticket-based process into a world-wide walking adventure!

Automating Governance?

Year-end compliance and governance struggles staring you in the face? Contact Team2 to discover a new way to automate ways of managing risk, compliance and event audits to streamline your life!

Kingston is here!

The latest version of the ServiceNow platform is here and it has some fantastic new features to enable your service transofrmation. Check here to read about its new features and call us for more details on upgrading your service platform to the enable your service revolution!